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Teaching Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Tober

By February 14, 2022July 31st, 2023No Comments
Jennifer Tober

I was born in Philadelphia, went to Temple University and West Virginia University for Theatre Performance, and then lived in New York for a long time before moving to Pittsburgh. My dad’s family is from Pittsburgh though, so it’s nice to return to my roots! I love theatre, Shakespeare, yoga, salsa dancing, and teaching. I really like teaching movement, Shakespeare, and dialects.

Q: What are the goals for the Education program at Quantum?

A: The goals for the Education program are to bring theatre, art, literature, and history into the schools; teach the students the current Quantum production that the residency is based upon; teach students about all of the jobs and aspects of creating theater; guide the students to create their own piece that they will share on Education Day; and bring together students from different schools and neighborhoods to celebrate all of their amazing and brave work.

Q: Why do you think art is important in schools?

A: I can’t express how important art is in our lives. Art and drama are essential to the human connection and make life brighter and bearable. Drama is storytelling, and it is vital for each one of us to be able to tell our story and be heard.

Q: What is your favorite experience?

A: I love working with all of the schools. My favorite part, I think, is seeing students enjoy putting on their final performances using so many different types of media: monologues, dialogues, music, beats, rap, poetry, dance, etc. And seeing the freedom and the joy that the students bring to Education Day that is evident as they share their work.

Q: How do you hope to make an impact?

A: I want to impart to students that art and education is a lifelong pursuit — and that perseverance is everything. I hope that each one of them goes after their dream and never gives up.

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