Program Ads

Quantum Theatre produces dynamic, original theatre performed throughout Pittsburgh and its surrounding neighborhoods. Among the most highly respected performing arts organizations in the region, Quantum’s audience has grown to more than 7,500 individuals each year. We believe you can benefit from access to this active demographic of consumers and patrons of art, style, recreation, entertainment, and social causes in Western Pennsylvania.

Quantum Theatre programs are produced in both print and digital versions.

Covers and only special inside pages are color (details on request). All other inside program ads are black and white.

Bleeds are possible on all covers and inside full page ads only. (No bleeds on half or quarter page ads.)

Click here to view a sample 2021 program featuring color.

For all inquiries, please contact Stewart Urist, 412.362.1713.

Dimensions for Covers and all full page ads:

NON-BLEED AD: 5” X 7.875 (7/8)

BLEED AD: 5.5” X 8.5” plus an additional bleed area of .125” (1/8) on all sides.

Rates/book                     1 Book      2 Books      3 Books       

Outside Back Cover          800              775                 750

Inside Cover                       750              725                 700

Full Page                             650             625                 600

1/2 Page                              400             375                 350
5″ wide x 3 7/8″ high

1/4 Page                              300             275                 250
2.42” wide x 3.8575” high

Art Deadlines

Chimerica: November 15, 2021
(performances run November 26 – December 19)
Plano: March 14, 2022
(performances run April 1-24)