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A Note from Quantum on Vaccination

By August 19, 2021July 31st, 2023One Comment

Dear Friends,

I write as we open An Odyssey in the wide open air of Schenley Park, braving the elements without a tent, as we’ve done many times before. It was a life-affirming joy to return to making theater with The Current War in the way it’s meant to be: together, in person, and we continue with optimism. We’re so proud to have produced theater safely through the spring and summer. I hope to see you in Schenley Park at the Ice Rink – seeing Quantum friends and catching up is as great a part of the pleasure as working as artists.

I’m glad to write here on behalf of Stewart, Carole, and the whole company. We are looking toward the colder months, to the fall when we will at last open Chimerica, so long delayed (but still with its whole cast keeping the faith!) and to Plano in the early spring. These works must be inside. I’m seeking large spaces in friendly buildings, with good ventilation, heating, and bathrooms – a high degree of comfort, by Quantum standards – which seems right under the circumstances. And we’re looking outwards to see what others are doing in the industry to provide safety for artists and audiences.

Our entire staff, casts, and crews have been 100% vaccinated since May. Now, it really strikes us that Broadway has decided to require audiences be vaccinated. We have decided to follow suit, and hope that we have your support and collaboration. With exceptions granted for medical reasons, we do ask all members of the audience to confirm vaccinated status in some tangible, we hope easy, way, starting with Chimerica which opens in Thanksgiving weekend. My yoga studio accepts a photo of my vaccination card on my phone and I’ve found that easy to keep accessible. Subscribers could email a copy to us once, and we could note it in their account for the season; single ticket buyers will get clear communication and could provide evidence at the time of transaction or show the card at the box office table. Neither Chimerica nor Plano are suitable for young children, so that’s a hurdle we don’t need to jump.

We appreciate your feedback on this decision. We trust you know we make it with you in mind, to help you feel safe and comfortable in coming. And it is evidence of our commitment to the safety of the artists who work so hard for us, which we’ll be happy to offer to the actors’ and directors’ unions.

Thank you for your steadfast presence on the wonderful journey that is Quantum Theatre. Let’s celebrate 30 years of problem-solving and the irrepressible nature of the performing arts.

Very truly yours,

Signatures of Karla Boos, Artistic Director, Stewart Urist, Executive Director, and Carole King, Board President

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  • Catherine T. McCann says:

    My husband has sent me an email picture of my driver’s license and Covid-19 vaccination card – as well as his own. How can I forward these pictures to Quantum by email?

    Catherine T. McCann

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