Subscriptions for Quantum’s 30th Anniversary season are now on sale. Guarantee your seats and join us for the exciting return of live performance as we celebrate 30 years of experimentation in neighborhoods across Pittsburgh. Contemporary plays, modern takes on classic texts, and great artists both familiar to Quantum audiences and brand new are sure to make it an anniversary season to remember.

Note that full COVID-19 vaccination is required for attendance at Chimerica and Plano, which will have indoor venues.

An Odyssey, World Premiere. Adapted by Jay Ball. Directed by Jed Harris. August 13 - September 5, 2021

Schenley Park’s Ice Skating Rink offers an end-of-summer site to kick off the 30th Anniversary Season. An Odyssey explores what keeps us coming back to ancient tales of a war and of a journey home. What defines heroism? Author Jay Ball finds answers by emphasizing female characters who were mere footnotes in the original. And he also finds ample humor.

Lucy Kirkwood’s award-winning play follows the young photojournalist who captured an image that arrested the world: a protester facing down four tanks in Tiananmen Square in 1989. Beginning in this moment past, the play fast forwards to our times, examining capitalism and culture, journalism and censorship.

Will Arbery writes a play set near, but not quite in Plano, Texas. Its heroines are three sisters, echoing Chekhov’s, and the men who occupy all too much of the oxygen-rich atmosphere around them in astroturf-lined suburbia. This is a comedy, a dark one, with flashes of absurdity that ring true. A domestic drama, a comedy, and a dark look at America all at the same time.


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Quantum Quaff

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Quantum on the Couch

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We’ve called this a backstage tour, but there are times when we don’t have a stage, let alone a “backstage.” Instead, let’s call this an intimate trip through the space we’re currently calling home; a guided tour through the site-specific production of your choice, a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration and crazy challenges of the plays.