Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Real couples star in Quantum Theatre’s livestreamed ‘Constellations’

By April 28, 2021 Uncategorized

If there’s a lesson to take from 2020, it’s that choices have consequences. Even formerly minor decisions such as going to a restaurant, when to buy groceries and visiting a few relatives all have significant health risks due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Going to a play would certainly rank high on that list, which is why Quantum Theatre’s “Constellations,” a show aptly about how small changes can make a big impact, is going all digital.

The play by Nick Payne focuses on a married couple, beekeeper Roland and quantum physicist Marianne, and the exploration of love and parallel universes based on the decisions they make. For this performance, three real-life couples will play the roles of Roland and Marianne on a live online broadcast directly from the actors’ homes, adding another dimension of intimacy and immediacy.

Quantum artistic director Karla Boos said the idea for a live broadcast performance was inspired by their livestreamed production of Caryl Churchill’s micro-drama marathon “Love and Information” earlier this summer.

– Tyler Dague, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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