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Directed by Sam Turich

Roland, a beekeeper, and Marianne, a quantum physicist, meet through a chance encounter and a multitude of possibilities stretch out before them. Three couples of married actors lead us through shifting realities and an infinity of parallel universes in this romantic play exploring the intersection of free will, destiny, and love.

The production is offered in two live 30-minute segments, and presented over four nights. Live broadcasts begin each evening at 8:00 PM, preceded by recordings of Part 1 on Friday and Sunday. Though we hope fans will tune into the livestream, registered participants will also be able to view a recording of the broadcast at their convenience throughout the 4-day period.

Ticket Price

This streaming performance is being offered free of charge, but contributions are gratefully accepted. Go to to make a gift.

Performance Links

Thank you for joining us for our broadcast of Nick Payne’s Constellations. In accordance with our agreements with the license holders and Actors’ Equity, all recordings have been taken offline at this time. Please tune into our next production, Wild by Mike Bartlett, Streaming October 13-18.


How do I sign up?

Go to or click the links at the top and bottom of this page. Registration for any evening grants access to all performances and their recordings.


What will I see each night?

That depends which night you tune in! Every night we are broadcasting 1/2 of the play live at 8:00 PM, with a recording of the first half preceding the broadcast on Friday and Sunday evening. It’s your choice whether to watch the play live on two successive nights, enjoy the whole experience on Friday or Sunday, or view a recording at your convenience.

How do I get into the stream?

Every night we’ll send a reminder email to all registered attendees with a link to the stream. We’ll post that same link prominently on our homepage, the show page, and on our social media to make it as convenient as possible.

When you click the link you’ll be prompted for your email address. Enter the email you registered with and you will be emailed a final “magic link”. Be patient – in our testing we found it can take a minute or so for it to arrive in your inbox. The “magic link” in that message will take you directly into the stream.

We recommend planning to log-in a couple minutes early so you can take your time and say hi once you arrive. You can also practice this login process at any time.

I missed the live broadcast. How do I watch the recording?

Exactly the same way you watch the live broadcast. Simply click the link for the performance you want to view. Sign in using the email you registered with and click the “magic link” emailed by crowdcast to access the stream.

Recordings will be available until the end of our final performance on Sunday night, at which point we must take them down.


Help! I have another question.

We would be happy to help. Send us an email at or call 412.362.1713.


Julianne Avolio and John Michnya

Daina Griffith and Daniel Krell

Marva Williams-Parker and Rico Romalus Parker


Originally produced on Broadway by the Manhattan Theatre Club, Lynne Meadow, Artistic Director, Barry Grove, Executive Producer, and The Royal Court Theatre by special arrangement with Ambassador Theatre Group and Dodgers on December 16, 2014.

Constellations is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York.