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Far Away

Experience the “consummate local production of 2020-21, on screen or in person” with a free encore streaming of Far Away until February 6 in honor of Pittsburgh Post-Gazette‘s recognition of the “daring” online production by Caryl Churchill.

Far Away is Caryl Churchill’s surreal portrait of a descent into a hyper-partisan future we hope will never come to pass. We follow a young woman through mysterious nocturnal activity to unbelievable hat construction and right into a dark future where everything, alive and inanimate, is at war: Wasps, computer programmers, children under five …

It’s 45 minutes of shocking theater, turned into an evocative film by the artistry of Joe Seamans and Mark Knobil.

This performance has passed.


Lisa Velten Smith
Ingrid Sonnichsen
Andrew William Smith

Creative Team

Director of Photography – Mark Knobil
Scenic Design – Kelsey Garrett
Costume Design – Susan Tsu
Lighting Design – Sydney Asselin
Sound & Music Design – Sartje Pickett
Director of Production – Hank Bullington
Stage Manager – Piper Clement
Hats by Scott Andrew, Lara Berich, Janet Groom Campbell and Kristin McLain, Kerri Angeletti, Mindy Eshelman, Elyse Grimaldi, Leah Klocko, Becca Jewett, Bri McDivitt-Smith, Venise St. Pierre, Sophia Stokes, Jillian Warner.

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Far Away

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