City Paper – Quantum Theatre’s newest production Far Away is a hybrid between film and theater

By April 28, 2021 Uncategorized

Nearly a year into the pandemic and many people are getting tired of the digital and virtual versions of the art they used to see in person. Luckily for theater fans, Quantum Theatre understands this exhaustion, and created a play-film hybrid performance that, while still an online experience, is not your typical Zoom performance.

For their interpretation of playwright Caryl Churchill’s 2000 play Far Away, Quantum Theatre built three sets in one warehouse in Manchester, as the play is divided into three distinct sections. The performance will be available to view through Quantum Theatre’s website from Fri., Feb. 19-Sun., March 7.

Set in a dystopian version of our world, the lean 45-minute play begins with an eerie and mysterious scene between Joan, played by Lisa Velten-Smith, and her aunt Harper, played by Ingrid Sonnichsen. Joan is trying to get information from her aunt about something disturbing she saw outside, while Harper is not eager to give out any secrets.

-Hannah Lynn, City Paper

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