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Entertainment Central – Quantum’s ‘Far Away’ Brings High-Quality Chiller Theater to Home Screens

By April 1, 2021April 28th, 2021Far Away

Mayhem at the Capitol. Ice storms in Texas. Here in Pittsburgh, masked men and women roam the streets of a city still in semi-lockdown, 12 months into a plague that won’t go away. Welcome to surreal life in 2021, the year that promises a new dystopian twist with every news cycle!

It’s a fitting time for Quantum Theatre to stream Far Away. Viewable on demand through March 7, this filmed remake of a dystopian stage classic from the year 2000 might even make you feel better than usual, as it depicts a dark-comic bizarro world in which things have gotten unimaginably worse.

You’ve heard of the Mad Hatter? Far Away has mad hats aplenty, made and worn for mad purposes. And murder hornets? Here we shall stop, because the story line works best with minimal to no spoilers. Far Away was written by Caryl Churchill, England’s reigning queen of experimental theater. She scripted the play to run short and bittersweet, packing three mini-acts into about 45 minutes, a length that has turned out to be ideal for our current age of watching stuff at home by the episode.

– Mike Vargo, Entertainment Central

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