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2016-2017 SeasonPeribáñez

What did you think of Peribañez?

By July 21, 2016August 16th, 202332 Comments
What did you think?

We hope you enjoyed your Quantum experience, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on Peribañez. Leave a comment below and tell us what you liked, disliked, or anything in particular that may have resonated with you. Thank you for your feedback!

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  • Mirela Halasz says:

    We had a great time last night! The performance was superb and the setting in Melon Park was perfect.

  • Malgorzata Markoff says:

    the performance was great and a lot of fun, in a wonderful setting. Bravo for the scenographer!
    However… the toilets could use a little more light
    and the wonderful cold cuts served with champagne after the show should have been served before the spectacle. Many people just left because , not expecting food after 10.30 pm.
    But these are small drawbacks. We enjoyed the show a lot. Looking forward to the next one.

  • dale templin says:

    Really enjoyed the evening. Thanks!

  • Kristin Wagner says:

    Amazing! The play balanced well the political, social, and comedic elements. The actors were relatable. Though there was a bit of a rough start, the actors pushed onward bringing the audience back to the story and away from the errors. Once the play progressed, the actors settled into their roles and brought them to life. I was truly pleased with the entire performance. The staging and costumes were also well put on from my vantage of side stage.

  • Myra Woods says:

    It would be interesting to know about the translation. The language, for the most part, was beautiful. A few times the momentum broke down, but the cast was so good, they came to the rescue. Siddiq Saunderson’s Peribanez was stirring, and I was so sympathetic that he almost took me with him into the violence that brought him and Castilda to their fates. Isabel Pask provided the right passion and strength of character, and leaves us believing that only through her eyes will the couple understand the true tragedy of their fate. Loved the play, the surprise ending was much discussed in my group, and the venue was perfect.

  • Dan Droz says:

    Wonderful intertwining of Shakespeare + David/Bathsheba and characters and staging so complementary. The ‘3-ring’ in-the-round really worked. Also loved the cushions, fans, gazpacho and other goodies. Our son, who was visiting, thought it was the best theater he’d seen! Yay, Quantum!!

  • Carole Bencich says:

    As always, I enjoyed Quantum’s high standards of production. The play was not one of my favorites, and I absolutely didn’t get the class consciousness connection. In fact, I thought the plot was a bit too outlandish, with the Commander’s part (confusingly) half villain, half good-guy. Costumes were superb, and several cast members did amazingly quick changes. Acting was top-notch. I’ll always go see a Quantum play, because they are always interesting, some more so than others.

  • Yrai Santander says:

    I fell in love with Peribañez and its cast. What a lovely production! The experience of this play set in the gardens of Mellon Park was amazing. Birds and crickets were on cue! Everyone should go and enjoy these summer nights with Quantum’s Peribañez.

  • William Price says:

    The Play was excellent. We really enjoyed it. The location was excellent too.

    I have one issue. We parked in a lot at Mellon Park accessible to the site by walking down a flagstone path. Walking back after the show, it was pitch black. It was easy to trip over the flag stones. Everyone was trying to use their cellphones to see. I saw others struggling too. I really think some temporary lighting or people with flash lights should be stationed to show the way safely.

    • Stevie Sheridan says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Bill! We have remedied the situation by placing more lights along the path.

  • Ibon says:

    The performances in ‘Peribanez’ by these young actors was seamless and intriguing. The Mellon park venue was very intimate and pleasant.

  • Stanley Winikoff says:

    As usual Quantum did an excellent job. While I liked the play while watching it, the after-play discussion with the directors and the actors lead to a new dimension of understanding of the difficult choices that had to be made to present Peribanez. The set was perfect.

  • Dorianne DiGregorio says:

    First, let me thank you! It was very nice of you to include the neighbors for your first night’s performance. I loved the singing throughout the play. It fit in seamlessly with the story as well as enhancing it. The acting was superb by all but especially by Siddiq Saunderson. I feel he is really a stand out talent. Mike Mihm as the Commander was perfect gaining most of the laughs of the evening. The most impressive thing to me of all though, was the costumes. They were fabulous! I sew so fabrics draw my eye and these were so well made, with important embellishments. My favorite was the Queen’s dress which was on the stage for such a short time. My congratulations to Sammantha Pollock for her creations.

  • Jenny Martin says:

    We loved the production, the acting was wonderful and the food delicious

  • Hi all,
    I went to the ladies night performance on Wednesday, August 10th. It was a fabulous! I was emotionally drawn in to the play from the beginning to the end. The performance was intense, yet delightful. The complexity of love, social class, honor and honesty were themes that resonated with me. A big BRAVO to all involved in this production. Indeed, you deserve a STANDING OVATION. As an education faculty member at Duquesne University and a board member of Latin American Cultural Union (LACU), I applaud the Quantum Theater!

  • Pat says:

    What a wonderful surprise! I never expected to see such a well-done play in such a beautiful setting. Whoever built that 3 arena stage is a real craftsman. The seating was so comfortable-everyone had a good view. Thank You for the opportunity to attend Quantum Theatre!!

  • David Mundie says:

    This was my first Quantum Theatre play. I thoroughly enjoyed the high level of the staging and acting. This is not an easy play to put on, and I was amazed at how well the production managed to engage the audience while remaining true to the spirit of the original.

    Unfortunately my satisfaction was marred by paying $48 for the wine tasting, only to be told that “tonight the wine tasting consists of a gin cocktail”. This unprofessional bait-and-switch was a disappointment given the rest of the evening, and was not alleviated by the staff’s apparent incomprehension as to the nature of the problem.

    • Stevie Sheridan says:

      Hi David- first, allow me to apologize for not knowing that the specific “wine tasting” language was still out there. We found where you must have seen it and have changed it for the future. Our Quaff nights have always been a wine tasting in the past, but this time we changed it up with offering the cocktails, and we just missed changing the language in that one spot online, so thank you for letting us know. I hope you still enjoyed the evening of fancy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres regardless. If you’d like to discuss this further, you can reach me at 412-362-1713.

      Thanks so much for your kind words about the production- so glad you enjoyed!

  • Jay Carson says:

    Great play beautifully acted and updated (of language) to make it very contemporary. Had very nice box lunches. Seating was excellent and the context of Mellon Park added to the simple but very inventive set. Porta-johns need better lighting. But otherwise an excellent evening. PS: it was a tribute to the play that it was too hot outside, but no one left. Thanks for a fine night.

  • Bob Schurko says:

    I thought this was one of the best performances of the past few seasons with the actors doing an excellent job in their roles. I absolutely achieved “suspension of disbelief” for the performance. I also loved the set which enhanced the themes of the play. The venue was also beautiful (although a little noisy). Great final scene – be careful what you wish for… Overall a memorable experience.
    Thank you Quantum Theatre!

  • John Nagle says:

    Interesting play and well done, as usual for Quantum. I’m curious about the very poignant and profound ending. There was no dialogue at that point, so it seems possible that the implied future/fate of the couple might not have been in de Vega’s directions. If it wasn’t, then this was a brilliant addition. And if it was, more kudos to de Vega.

  • barbara paull says:

    I may be the only one in the audience to find fault with Peribanez. I thought the acting was somewhat poorly rendered and the play was a bit convoluted and repetitive. For my taste, the play was overly long and somewhat muddied by too much repetitive talk. I am a great fan of Quantum, and certainly not every play affects me in the same way, but I found my attention lagging, especially after the break. On the other hand, I certainly enjoyed the dinner offerings and the wonderful views in the park. I love the fact that Quantum keeps trying different things!

  • Carolyn says:

    I had the same reaction as Barbara. The performance had a late start due to electrical problems, the pace was slow, the acting only fair, the plot rather hackneyed, and overall the play failed to hold my interest. Both I and the people I came with decided independently to leave at the intermission.

  • I loved the show! The actors were vibrant, evocative, and excellent at handling the different characters! The story was fun and sad all at once, I loved how the “happy ending” felt really more dystopian.

    I did not love the venue. The actors did have to yell and strain their voices, and it harmed some of their acting. There could be no subtlety to their portrayals, and I (as a singer) winced when I could hear the voices showing evidence of too much strain over a period of time. The bugs were also distracting, and the emergency vehicles with their sirens running along the street only contributed to the distraction and the ambient noise … making the actors talk louder yet again. Mind you, I don’t mind outdoor venues, but this particular location felt too exposed with too much outside noise.

  • Connie Brecht says:

    Fancy cocktails and hors d’oeurves? We were not told about it when we checked in that is why we left right away. It should have been announced and goodies should have been before, not after. This is our first time for Quantum. Not a good experience, poorly managed. Cast was very good and a beautiful setting. What drew us in is the setting.

    • Stevie Sheridan says:

      Hi Connie, So sorry you missed the Sangria available for purchase at the concessions table (situated next to the check-in table) and the complimentary snack also offered at that table. These were available before the show and at intermission.

      In my previous comment where I referenced Fancy cocktails and hors d’oeurves, I was referring to a special event held on August 11th called Quantum Quaff, which featured a cocktail tasting and hors d’oeurves. This was a one-night thing with a higher ticket price. The only night we offer goodies after the performance is Opening Night, which was August 5th, in which we threw a champagne reception post-performance. Hope that clears things up a little, but please let me know if there’s anything we could have done to make this a better experience for you and your friends (, 412-362-1713).

  • Jane Sibenaller says:

    Wonderful performance. Thought the actors gave wonderful performances. The close environs truly allowed you to pick up on the nuances of their expressions. It was the ultimate live theater experience when you can be just feet from a performer and feel the energy.

  • Heather says:

    I have been a season ticket holder for three years and truly appreciate and enjoy the Quantum Theater productions. This is wonderful that you are engaging the audience for honest feedback!

    Peribañez has a lovely setting, very fitting of the story. This is to be expected as I always enjoy the various locations and ways the sets are created. I enjoyed the change of being outside in nature and we had lovely weather. One of my friends unfortunately left early due to insect bites, but I was okay. The actors were wonderful as they transitioned easily and fluidly into different roles. This always impresses me. Actors/actresses with several character roles could possibly get confusing for some to watch, but they did a great job making everything flow. It was very easy to follow. Love their facial expressions and intonations too. They clearly put a lot of time into detail.

    As a woman in my mid-thirties, I was disappointed that this storyline had a focus on objectification of women. I realize that this is historically accurate and I appreciate watching entertainment that has depth. That said, I didn’t notice in advertisements (although possibly I missed it?) that the performance was to include a plot to rape and rape scene as such a focal point. It was extremely disturbing and uncomfortable with the play ending very shortly after, making it quite shocking and hard to process. I went home feeling very anxious. Please be sensitive in the future that some of your audience may be survivors of rape or other assaults and it is most compassionate to share that certain plays may cause “triggers.”

    Thank you for this opportunity to share my honest feedback. I love Quantum Theater and look forward to other performances.

  • ADGHunt says:

    Peribanez was fascinating and and engaging, as well as entertaining. This director combo is killer. I admit that I have only seen a few Quantum productions, but I hope that you have Megan and Tlaloc back in the future, and I’m looking forward to attending more of your shows!

  • Susan says:

    Just saw Peribanez last night, enjoyed it a great deal. Q is great, and I’ve supported it for many seasons. This was definitely one of the better productions. The young leads were especially good, and it’s terrific that Quantum seeks out lots of different actors. Yes, the play is about an awful predicament women can be put in, and this woman, Casilda, miraculously, is not damned for life. I thought that was excellent to view. I was at the “on the couch” evening, with psychoanalyst and one of the directors, and I’d have liked to have heard a few words about the translation and/or whether we saw the whole play from Ms Rivas, the dramaturge. And would have preferred the therapist to have more prepared questions and more conversation with audience.

    I’m sorry others, esp other women, felt uncomfortable about the looming violence, but I, at least, thought the subject matter was signaled in the play’s description — and I would like Q to continue exploring rich material like this.

  • charles clifton says:

    Loved the show, especially the reluctance at the end of the couple to move up in the social order, also the ironic, helpless self-awareness of the Commander. So well acted and imagined. The humidity could have been better.
    I also think someone at Quantum should read my beautiful play, “Cage/Free.” Why not? What could it hurts?

  • Helen says:

    Only Quantum has the audacity to plunk us in the middle of a delicious rose garden surrounded by fabulous views and musical crickets to project a historical relic with boundless energy. most appreciative of improved seats instead of wood planks. wouldn’t have missed this production for the world. don’t ever leave us Quantum

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