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2015-2016 SeasonChickens in the Yard

What did you think?

By November 16, 2015August 15th, 202318 Comments
What did you think?

We hope you enjoyed your Quantum experience, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the production. Leave a comment below and tell us what you liked, disliked, or anything in particular that may have resonated with you. Thank you for your feedback!

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  • Rise Nagin says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the play — sweet and smart — acting was very good —

    Enjoyed the beautiful vocals and music that accompanied the play

    Idea of actors impersonating the chickens as transition between scenes was surprising and fun — very endearing and engaging

    Thanks for a great evening!

    • Ilana Diamond says:

      Excellent production – from the creative staging to the uniformly strong acting, Chickens in the Yard was riveting. We feel lucky to have Quantum here in Pittsburgh!

  • Dan Resnick says:

    Brilliant theatre – engages us in reflection about what is happening to the
    American family. Laurie Klatscher is outstanding as the mother hen in a
    wildly diverse household that she holds together with wit, compassion and
    weed. Really fine performances by all four actors, as they move from witless
    clucking chickens to fierce forces on life’s stage.

  • Moses and Laryn Finder says:

    Acting superb. Set and lighting were great. Music fitting and not intrusive. Interesting tale that engaged the audience. I think I really, really liked it.

  • Matt Kesinger says:

    Best traditional performance I have seen in years–from Quantum or anywhere else! I could not stop crying.

  • Chris Cubero says:

    Palpable, inspiring and vicariuosly excellent! This show touched me in ways I am still attempting to grasp. Makes sense that Joyce started off ‘in the grass’; what a trip! Loved the use of personalities resembling ‘ego states’; allowed me more intimacy with characters. The bridging of the flocks really got to the core of being, whether as a human or a chicken. Have not written a journal entry in months and was inspired to do so to collect the flood of emotional connections. Thank you all! I may be back for another showing to see another clutch of eggs hatch.

  • Nancy Simpronio says:

    I thought it was extremely clever. At first I wondered how going back and forth between humans and chickens would work out and was very impressed at how seamless it was during the performance. Very sweet and sad but very full of life. Thank you for having it for us to enjoy.

  • Catherine T. McCann says:

    The title seemed strange – not too enticing. We were amazed at how good this play was. The human/chicken alternation took us to deep emotions. We knew the generational, familial, personal territory and felt it deeply during the play. Music, set, writing and actors were very effective. We loved it.

  • victor says:

    all of the above and the casting was ingenius

  • victor vrabel says:

    all of the above and the casting was ingenious

  • Joanna says:

    Truly a work of art in that it is subject to many interpretations, powerfully conveys emotions and meaning, is layered and complex, and is beautiful in its presentation.

  • John Nagle says:

    Great play and production. Karla deserves credit for recognizing this group and giving it Qunatum’s visibility.

  • Mary Tambellini says:

    I so enjoyed Chickens in the Yard. The acting was great and play had a lot going on in a short 70 minutes. This play really steps out of the box or should I say coop? Loved it.

  • eric william green says:

    This is a play I want to make everyone in my life sit down and watch.

    It may honestly be my favorite play. The absurdity of the characters also playing chickens created this accessibility to the entire play that I did not expect. It drew a very tangible connection between the human and the animal parts of each character and in a beautiful way showed how we keep going despite not having all the answers. Because of this it made other connections between the show, the characters, and your own life easier to make, connections that may have not been as within reach had the element of the chickens not been present. This was only increased by the use of pantomime that easily allowed you, almost instinctually, to put yourself in the place of any of the characters in those moment as there was a void you felt compelled to fill with a sense of yourself.

    A sort of duality or multifaceted-ness of people was also expressed in memory scenes when two of the characters would act in near-unison to create a new one. In this way, as an audience member, I could easily see how someone could have more than one thought or emotion at the same time and how that could differ from what they actually express, as the two characters might physically express two different things while saying the same line, or vise versa. This gave a depth to non-casted character that otherwise might not be possible and it made the choices that those actors made all the more powerful.

    I cannot wait to see where Chickens in the Yard will get to as I do not see this being its final roosting place. (PUNS!) That is to say, it has not yet bought the farm. (Eesh!) I guess you can say I thought it was egg-cellent? (I’m sorry, I can’t stop.) Ba-gok!

  • Jill Leahy says:

    What an experience. Actors who helped me see chickens, and a playwright who helped me see another view of life. What a treasure.

  • Maureen says:

    Chickens in the Yard was an innovative, emotional, theatrical adventure that featured excellent acting and outstanding direction.
    Congratulations to all, and thank you to Quantum Theatre!

  • Adrienne says:

    Quantum Theatre is our favorite! And this was definitely one of its top offerings ever. We’ve loved the impressive Twelfth Night and Tamara. But sometimes, four people and a barnyard is all you need to examine the human condition. Walking down a Pittsburgh alley got us in the homey mood. The beautiful space, welcoming Quantum staff, smiling patrons. Who doesn’t love a night of adventurous theatre? And then you open the program and see a wonderful cast with the inimitable Laurie Klatscher. It’s going to be a good evening. It was a story worth telling. And, sometimes, you leave a show and think, well, I could have just read the book. Not so with this one. It came to life on stage. I was happy to go out of my way, get away from my cozy fire and go see this story on it’s feet. I’m tired of seeing plays that are no more than readings. Thank you to the artists, crew and staff that routinely takes risks, does something new and gets us all to live a little. Happy Holidays everyone.

  • Rhoda Eligator` says:

    We really enjoyed the play, as did our three college and high school aged grandchildren. Very cleverly done.

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