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Top Parties of 2015

By January 5, 2016Q Ball, Q Blog


Never mind the silk aerialists, the parting of 350 guests by a parade of throaty brass, the strategically applied body paint, the cheeky innuendos … how did Quantum Theatre manage to put all that crazy into one room, shake it and get what people were dubbing “The Best of 2015” a mere three months into the year?

The Quat’z Arts itinerary called for riffing on famous surrealist parties of 20th-century Paris. The dress code: Transparent. And the promise of nudes descending stairwells ensured a vibe that went from zero to what? in two seconds flat.

“Nudes? They don’t get naked at these things!” Patrick Jordan insisted.

Twenty minutes later, he was proven wrong.

“I knew there was a reason I came here tonight,” laughed Andrew Fouts .

By Kate Benz, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, January 4, 2015

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