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REVIEW: Quantum production breathes new life into Shakespeare’s Anne

By November 14, 2019July 20th, 2020Uncategorized

But be of good cheer: “Shakespeare’s Will” is not a docudrama carved out of research, nor even an angry plea for the ignored spouse, but something better. Mr. Thiessen’s play is a rich tone poem, a dance, a fable, a fictional memoir given interest by its connection to the historic Anne and Will but unfettered by biographical fact.

And in production by Quantum, directed by Melanie Dryer, in an intimate space, with the walls blown open by the enhancing projections of Joe Seamans and music of Dawn Posey, “Shakespeare’s Will” comes richly alive. As performed by Sheila McKenna, it is a robust poetic tale, combining dream and nightmare. -Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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