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Review: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Christopher Rawson

Stage review: Quantum’s ‘Inside Passage’ presents one woman’s powerful search for family and self

Old family snapshots, personal memories and a search for the differing truths behind them might seem common fodder for a poem, but for a play? Sounds more like therapy than theater — but not in the thoughtful, comic heart and hands of playwright Gab Cody.

Her “Inside Passage” is an autobiographical mini epic that recapitulates a search of several years for Ms. Cody’s youthful “family.” (One of its reminders is that families come in so many varieties, they all could use quote marks.) This was a family of just four years’ duration, when baby Gab, her mother and her older half brother lived in the Alaskan panhandle (that’s one inside passage), where their family was enlarged by two young foster children, Sharon and Eddie.

By Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post Gazette

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