Editorial: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Beth Kissileff

If you knew me, you would not have killed me.

I imagine Heather Heyer’s ghost whispering those words to James Alex Fields Jr., the man who ran her down with his car in Charlottesville, Va., last weekend, but those words are not hers. Nor are they the words of the ghosts of Auschwitz or Treblinka or Hiroshima.

These are the words of Sean Christopher Lewis in his new play “Red Hills,” which I saw staged Thursday night in the Strip District by Quantum Theater. Though the play was written recently and this staging was its world premiere, it concerns events of the past: the Rwanda genocide of 1994, when, according to the United Nations, “up to 1 million people perished and as many as 250,000 women were raped”…”

by Beth Kissileff, Next Pittsburgh

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