Review: City Paper, Stuart Sheppard

By August 18, 2017 September 8th, 2017 Media, Q Blog, Red Hills, Reviews

“Big meals are not always filling, especially when they’re pumped full of empty calories. I came away from Quantum Theatre and En Garde Arts’ world premiere of Red Hills feeling like I had eaten an enormous and visually sensational meal, but was still remarkably hungry.

Hollowness might be the salient metaphor of this show, which is staged in an immense recycling warehouse in the Strip District. One suspects that playwright Sean Christopher Lewis had just read Waiting for Godot before writing this work. There are two main characters, a mound of dirt, and a central object — in this case, a broken-down car instead of a sorry tree. Yes, Deb O’s apocalyptic set does offer a few more prop cars and some shrubbery, but any sense of dramatic intensity is thoroughly diluted by the massive space. It’s like having a candle-lit dinner for two in an airplane hangar….”

by Stuart Sheppard, City Paper

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