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Review: Burgh Vivant, Mike “Buzz” Buzzelli

“In Tom Stoppard’s cerebral play, “The Hard Problem” the playwright explores René Descartes famous philosophical proposition, “Cogito ergo sum,” or, more roughly translated, “I think therefore I am.”

A young attractive researcher, Hilary (Alex Spieth), tackles a conundrum that has faced many scientists as she attempts to reconcile science with her faith. Her tutor-cum-paramour, Spike (Andrew William Smith), is an atheistic pragmatist, whereas Hilary clings to her religion. Their viewpoints are on opposite ends of the spectrum, and their post-coital conversation covers altruism, Darwinian evolution, probability, divine creation and, most importantly, altruism vs. egoism. Who doesn’t want to chat about non-overlapping magisteria after sex? The couple quarrels about art vs. science in their underwear, and it becomes a STEAMy affair…”

by Mike “Buzz” Buzzelli, Burgh Vivant

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