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Quantum’s got a brand-new take on The Winter’s Tale — as Baroque opera

By September 9, 2015October 1st, 2015The Winter's Tale

Troupe sets Shakespeare to Handel, Vivaldi and more

Winter’s Tale begins with Leontes impulsively destroying his family: accusing his innocent wife of adultery and condemning his infant daughter to death. But through a series of unlikely, even fantastical events (rampaging bear, aristocrats disguised as shepherds, a statue coming to life), some form of order is restored. Some critics have seen Winter’s Tale’s blend of comedy and tragedy as problematic, and the 1611 play is not frequently staged. But Boos is drawn to late Shakespeare. “His understanding of human nature at the end of his life is deep to me,” she says. “All the later plays are about redemption. … In these later plays, what was lost, is found.”

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