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2012-2013 SeasonThe Golden Dragon

Quantum wants to hear from you!

By August 22, 2012August 16th, 2023No Comments

Hello Quantum family.

The Golden Dragon is starting its final week of performances and it has been a truly wonderful experience to work on this beautiful piece of theatre. We have had some great responses from reviewers and bloggers around the city and we couldn’t be more pleased with them. Here’ are a few snippets:

“The Quantum team has risen to the challenge and staged this spectacle in a truly comprehensible and cohesive way that in the spirit of site-specific work uses more than words to communicate the underlying ideas of the play in a visually concentrated way.”

Constant Witness Blog

“Director Karla Boos has achieved the neat trick of making the production simultaneously sharp and lyrical, and her staging, which often suddenly shifts perspective and scale, mirrors in three dimensions the fracturing effect of Schimmelpfennig’s writing.”

Pittsburgh Tatler Blog

“…the unusual setting is fitting because of the breathtaking moments it makes possible, as ripples in the water take the stage light or when characters move away from us on a pier that extends across the lake toward a silent building front. Looming in the distance, gradually lit as the day darkens around us, it shines with enigma.”

Review from Pittsburgh Post Gazette

We’re so thankful for the amazing reviewers of this city looking at us so favorably. However, one thing we would love to know is “how does our audience feel?” We’ve had three great weeks of performances and plenty of you seen the show, and had some time to mull it over. We would love for you to comment below to tell us what you thought of the work.

We’re certainly not fishing for compliments here. The Golden Dragon is a dark and complex show, with a very unique style. Did the themes of the play move you? Do you have any comments about the style of show? Do you have any questions about elements of the show you want to know more about?

This new age of social media allows us to communicate easier than ever before. So let’s start a conversation. Quantum Theatre is listening, and we look forward to reading and responding to your comments below.

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