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This award-winning play reminds us of an image that arrested the world: a protester facing down four tanks in Tiananmen Square in 1989. Set against the background of the US 2012 election, Chimerica is a political thriller that takes a hard look at the role corruption and censorship play in China and America, and the possibility for connection between peoples even amid the adversarial posturing of governments.

Runtime: Act 1 – 65 minutes; Act 2 – 65 minutes


November 27 – December 19, 2021
The Maverick
(former East Liberty YMCA)

Meet the Cast

Kyle Haden

Kyle Haden*


Hansel Tan

Hansel Tan*

Zhang Lin

Mei Lu Barnum

Mei Lu Barnum*

Mary Chang, Pengsi’s Daughter, Deng, Nurse

Brian Kim

Brian Kim*

Zhang Wei, Wang Pengsi

Jason McCune

Jason McCune*


John Michnya

John Michnya

David, Paul, Peter

Ariel Xiu

Ariel Xiu

Liuli, Jennifer

John Shepard

John Shepard*


Alison Weisgall

Alison Weisgall*


Tobias Wong

Tobias C. Wong*

Young Zhang Lin, Guard, Benny

Elena Alexandratos

Elena Alexandratos*

Maria, Barb, Doreen, Judy, Kate

Mimi Jong

Mimi Jong

Feng Meihui, Ming Xiaoli


Scenic Design – Noah Glaister
Lighting Design – Mary Ellen Stebbins
Projection Design – Carolina Loyola-Garcia
Costume Design – Margaret McGrann
Sound Design – Steve Shapiro
Fight Director – Randy Kovitz
Technical Specialist, Audio Engineer – Derek A. Ziarko
A2/Board Operator – Anthony Del Grosso
Production Stage Manager – Cory Goddard*
Assistant Stage Manager, Wardrobe Support, Various Roles – Sophia Grace Marshall
COVID-19 Compliance Officer, Assistant Director, Various Roles – Zev Woskoff
COVID-19 Compliance Officer 2: Joana Tsuhlares

*denotes Actors’ Equity Association member

Presenting Partner:

Prop Fabrication By:

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Quantum is happy to announce a new NearBuy partnership with East Liberty’s Margaux. Located on the corner of Highland and Penn Avenue, Margaux is a coffee shop and bar inspired by romantic European cafes, and offers specialty coffee, shareable plates, signature desserts, and cocktails. It is also just a short walk away from The Maverick, home of Chimerica, making it an easy and accessible stop before or after the show. Simply mention that Quantum sent you when making your purchase and every dollar spent will be matched to help fight food insecurity in Pittsburgh.

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