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CityPaper – Quantum Theatre searches for Tank Man with Chimerica

By December 10, 2021Uncategorized

The once-bustling Ace Hotel in East Liberty has sat dormant for over a year. This is partly because of the pandemic, which put a stop to the kind of travel, dining, and events that kept the space open, as well as a legal dispute between the building owners and the company that owns the Ace brand.

Now, the venue has rebranded as The Maverick Hotel, and will soon play host to a theatrical production based on real-world events.

Quantum Theatre is using The Maverick’s large gym area to stage Chimerica, an award-winning play inspired by the iconic footage and photos of an unidentified man facing down four tanks in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in June 1989. Dubbed “Tank Man,” his actions encapsulated the chaos in China, as months of student-led demonstrations protesting government corruption resulted in military intervention and thousands of citizens being killed.

Amanda Waltz, CityPaper

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