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Local Pittsburgh – Quantum Theatre’s “An Odyssey” soars in spirited re-telling

By August 31, 2021Uncategorized

THE FIRST THING to realize about Quantum Theatre’s An Odyssey is that it is not a standard re-staging of The Odyssey, the epic adventure fable written 28 centuries ago by the Greek poet Homer (or a collaboration of contemporary talecrafters, as modern scholars believe).

An Odyssey is an entirely fresh re-telling of the ancient classic through the voice of Nausicaa, young princess of Phaeacia, whose retinue discovers the nearly dead Odysseus lying on the beach, shipwrecked after a decade-long struggle to return from the Trojan War to his wife and family in Ithaca. Nausicaa treats the humbled warrior-king with courtesy and consideration, taking him to her father, King Alcinous, for safe passage to Ithaca.

L.E. McCullough, Local Pittsburgh

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