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2016-2017 SeasonPeribáñez

Gerri Kay New Voices Program: Peribañez Fellows

By July 21, 2016August 16th, 2023No Comments
Gerri Kay, 1980 (Credit Mark Perrott)

Gerri Kay, 1980 (Credit Mark Perrott)

A year ago we launched the Gerri Kay New Voices Program supporting developing artists.  It has been our great pleasure to learn, ourselves, through this program, and we expect that learning and pleasure to continue. What are young artists thinking about as they begin their journeys? What do they need, and what can we provide? In some ways, Quantum’s work might seem remote to their concerns. But in one way I trust we provide a most important example and invite them to live inside it fearlessly for a time with us; an experience they can take away no matter their path and its potential difference from the path we’ve taken. Do what you haven’t done before. Trust your instincts as you step into the unknown. Listen closely to the truth inside you, requiring courage but waiting to be heard.

Peribáñez has benefited from the talents of three Carnegie Mellon University students and two recent CMU graduates, each from different backgrounds and circumstances. Our five 2016-17 Gerri Kay New Voices Fellows are destined to make important and different contributions to contemporary theatre in this country and perhaps beyond it.

DeLisle Merrill, Freddy Miyares, Isabel Pask,
Samantha Pollack, and Siddiq Saunderson. 

Join us in solidarity with these five, in congratulations, best wishes, and faith.

—Karla Boos


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