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Entertainment Central – Quantum Theatre’s ‘An Odyssey’ is a Fantastic Voyage

By August 24, 2021Uncategorized

Quantum Theater kicks off their 30th Anniversary season with Jay Ball’s adaptation of the classic Greek poem, the Odyssey, which he has titled An Odyssey. And isn’t that a perfectly titled show for all of us right now, as we are certainly in an odyssey of our times with covid and all of the anti-science rhetoric.

An Odyssey began when director Jed Allen Harris mentioned his “notion” of adapting the Odyssey to Quantum Theatre founder and artistic director Karla Boos. Ball, when asked, at first was reluctant to create an adaptation of the Odyssey. Boos mentioned that the story and it’s misogyny and cruelty should be seen as a problem for modern times and not an answer. Ball signed on after further researching the idea and receiving encouragement from Boos.

– Rick Handler, Entertainment Central

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