Review: Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

By October 2, 2018 October 9th, 2018 Chatterton, Media, Reviews

It’s a mystery, or rather, several. A biography, or maybe three. A romantic narrative. A workout!

It’s Quantum Theatre’s multidimensional, sometimes daunting new “Chatterton,” a play by Karla Boos now having its world premiere among the sanctuaries, stalls, halls, balconies and hideaways of Trinity Cathedral, Downtown.

The short, extraordinary and controversial life of Thomas Chatterton (1752-1770) forms the narrative spine, and that contains mystery enough, starting with his precocious poetic genius and not ending with his death at 17. In those few years he created persuasive works by an invented medieval monk, imitated the works of others and poured out reams of poetry and journalism of his own.

By Christopher Rawson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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