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Wild offers a live theatrical coup for a world turned upside down.  Three people play cat-and-mouse games in a Moscow hotel room. One is Edward Snowden, the American whistleblower whose Wikileaks dump has just transformed him into a man without a state, and the others are shady characters with offered promises of protection. Can they be trusted?

With echoes of Kafka, the play asks if individual identity is still even a thing in our perilously uncertain world. But it asks that unsettling question with humor and theatrical bravado. And Quantum’s production, built in a strange, safe place, will make you feel like you’re at the theater again.

This performance has passed.


Chris Cattell as Andrew

Lydia Gibson as Woman

Wali Jamal as Man


Creative Team

Systems Engineer – Hank Bullington

Scenic Design by Kelsey Garrett

Lighting Design by Hannah Kerman

Costume Design by Rachel Vallozzi

Sound Design by Drew Weinstein

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