This award-winning play reminds us of an image that arrested the world: a protester facing down four tanks in Tiananmen Square in 1989. Set against the background of the US 2012 election, Chimerica is a political thriller that takes a hard look at the role corruption and censorship play in China and America, and the possibility for connection between peoples even amid the adversarial posturing of governments.

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Once upon a time in the 14th Century, a writer transported readers out of their plague-bound confines with stories told by 10 young people ‘podded together’ and using their imaginations to experience all the things on hold like love, sex, intrigue, friendship, and fun. The resulting book, “The Decameron” has endured, but whereas those 10 people were creations of Boccaccio, hundreds of years (and at least one pandemic) later Quantum Theatre’s new adaptation finds them real, alive, contemporary, and equally unstoppable

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Who beside Quantum is bringing us such theater, or would?

Chris Rawson, theater critic

It's fringe, it's funk, it's fashionable and athletic. Quantum is a total, global theater of mobility without limit.

Michael Lobban, author

Quantum is gutsy, smart, focused and important. Entire worlds are created in tight corners. It's the most interesting theatre happening here.

Kendra Lee, blogger

Quantum should be cherished and admired for stretching beyond the usual borders of what most often characterizes theatre.

Gordon Spencer on WRCT