Far Away returns for an encore presentation

With special permission from Caryl Churchill and our creative team, Far Away is available to stream for free through February 6 in honor of its recognition in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette as “the consummate local production of 2020-21, on screen or in person.” Featuring updated color grading and audio, our rollercoaster 45-minute theatre and film hybrid has never looked or sounded better.

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at Bakery Square
April 1-24

Will Arbery writes a play set near, but not quite, in Plano, Texas. Its heroines are three sisters, echoing Chekhov’s, and the men who occupy all too much of the oxygen rich atmosphere around them in astroturf-lined suburbia. This is a comedy, a dark one, with flashes of absurdity that ring true. A domestic drama, a comedy, and a dark look at America all at the same time.

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Quantum Theatre thanks "Q" for your support

Who beside Quantum is bringing us such theater, or would?

Chris Rawson, theater critic

It's fringe, it's funk, it's fashionable and athletic. Quantum is a total, global theater of mobility without limit.

Michael Lobban, author

Quantum is gutsy, smart, focused and important. Entire worlds are created in tight corners. It's the most interesting theatre happening here.

Kendra Lee, blogger

Quantum should be cherished and admired for stretching beyond the usual borders of what most often characterizes theatre.

Gordon Spencer on WRCT