Season 2015–2016

Celebrating 25 years of theater that moves you

The Master Builder

September 16–October 3

A world-premiere opera featuring collaborations with Chatham Baroque and Attack Theatre

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November 20–December 6, 2015

A moving story of fragile couples and developing, unconventional

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January 27–February 14, 2016

Set in Glasgow, the daughter of a mob boss escapes a life of crime for a life of art

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April 8–May 1, 2016

An architect whose principles drive him past any conventional morality and ultimately destroy him

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Upcoming Performance


by David Harrower
Directed by Karla Boos
Starring Mary Rawson

Javo Studios, 5137 Holmes Street

Ciara is the daughter of a mob boss. She escaped a life of crime for a life of art: she runs a gallery and champions local artists, especially one whose female figures seem like goddesses.

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"Who beside Quantum is bringing us such theater, or would?"

− Chris Rawson, theater critic

"It's fringe, it's funk, it's fashionable and athletic. Quantum is a total, global theater of mobility without limit."

− Michael Lobban, author

"Quantum is gutsy, smart, focused and important. Entire worlds are created in tight corners. It's the most interesting theatre happening here."

− Kendra Lee, blogger

"Quantum should be cherished and admired for stretching beyond the usual borders of what most often characterizes theatre."

− Gordon Spencer on WRCT