REVIEW: Pittsburgh Owl Scribe, David Zuchowski

By December 6, 2016 April 6th, 2017 Man Hat, Q Blog, Reviews

“Known for its cutting edge plays, Quantum Theatreis currently staging an opera based on the book “The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat!”

“I feel…that I am equally, if inadequately, a theorist and dramatist.” So Oliver Sacks states in the preface to his 1985 work. We see just how correct he was when Michael Nyman dramatized that very text four years later.

Oliver Sacks’ compelling case history of a man experiencing the loss of his sight… a victim of “visual agnosia”, deals with his inability to form a whole percept of visual information. In layman’s terms, the Man could look at, say, his wife’s head, see abstract shapes as opposed to her identifying features, and confuse those shapes for a hat.

by David Zuchowski, Pittsburgh Owl Scribe

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