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REVIEW: Print. (Pittsburgh’s East End Newspaper), Ann Belser

By February 25, 2019April 12th, 2019The Gun Show (Can we talk about this?)

Seeking the center on guns; Play asks: Can we talk about this?

The stories about guns were very personal; A couple living in Lebanon during the civil war retreated into their apartment from the balcony, when a child, riding in a truck with a machine gun, gestured his gun at them; A woman who, as a little girl, found her father’s gun, asked about it and never saw it again; An attorney who evicted a tenant and then was shot at while his wife and daughter were in the car with him; And a man from England, who was shocked when eh arrived in the U.S. to see police officers walking around with holstered pistols.

They were the stories told by audience members after a preview of Quantum Theater’s play “The Gun Show (Can we talk about this?)”

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