Pittsburgh Owl Scribe – Quantum Stages a Refreshing, More Casual Look at a Greek Epic

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There’s a lot of good, and some might say great, art making going on at the Ice Skating Rink in Schenley Park. An unlikely place for such an endeavor you say. Guess again.

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a talented crew to put together a memorable production of An Odyssey, now snuggling nicely in the Schenley Park rink that suggests the feel of an ancient Greek amphitheater. Use your imagination here.

Squint your eyes and look at the setting sun through the line of evergreens that serve as a natural backdrop for the epic story and you’ll think you were on Calypso’s Island of Ogygia or the isle of the Cyclops. Especially with the assertive noise of waves crashing against the shore aurally fabricated  by sound designer Joe Pino.

As I said, it takes an exceptional crew to navigate the sometime turbulent waters of Homer’s epic poem, and Quantum Theatre’s artistic director, Karla Boos, seems to have assembled an artistic team up to the task. They start with Jay Ball, who admits to have freely adapted (and condensed) the story, and seasoned director, Jed Allen Harris.

David Zuchowski, Pittsburgh Owl Scribe

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