Pittsburgh in the Round – Quantum’s The Current War leads the way to the return of in-person Pittsburgh theater

By June 28, 2021 June 29th, 2021 The Current War

It would be easy to say I would not have missed this one for the world. But the truth is, I
would have missed it, if not for two shots in the arm.

Credit goes to scientists, who share top billing with Quantum Theatre for the reawakening of
Pittsburgh theater that is happening right now in Homewood’s Westinghouse Park.

News had arrived in May that Quantum would be going live with the new musical THE
CURRENT WAR. It would not be on a screen but in person. And it wasn’t going to be in the
fall, like Broadway shows or most reopenings. No, it would be curtain up — or in this case,
tent flap up — on June 4.

Scenes of dark clouds dissipating and footlights aglow danced in my head.

I had received my second COVID-19 shot within days of the announcement and, although
still feeling side effects of the blessed vaccine at work, I was overjoyed. Not only was I on my
way to hugging vaccinated loved ones, but also to attending an honest-to-God, full-length
show in an enclosed setting — my first since March 12, 2020.

-Sharon Eberson, Pittsburgh in the Round

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