Coordinators and Coaches: Karla Boos and Andrew William Smith

Caryl Churchill creates a kaleidoscope of 57 micro-plays, featuring over 100 characters exploring the breadth of human experience and our shared hunger for connection in an increasingly digitized and disconnected world. Quantum Theatre makes it local. It’s performed by seven couples of cohabitating actors, whom you are likely to know.

The production is offered in live 30-minute segments presented over four nights, broadcast from their homes each evening at 8:30 PM. Live broadcasts will be preceded by a recording of the previous night’s performances.

How to tune in

Thank you everyone who shared in this experience with us. Unfortunately the nightly recordings are no longer available but we are so grateful to everyone who tuned in.

Ticket Price

This streaming performance is being offered free of charge, but contributions are gratefully accepted. Go to to make a gift.

Please also consider the company’s request to support the Bukit Bail Fund their full statement is posted lower down on this page.


How do I tune in?

Go to our Facebook page ( or watch for a nightly link posted to the top of this web page.


I missed the live broadcast. Can I still see the show?

Yes! All recordings will be available until the end of our final broadcast on Sunday 6/21. Go to to see the previous night’s broadcasts.

I don’t use Facebook, is that a problem?

No! Our page and stream are public, so even if you don’t have an account you can watch.

What will I see each night?

That depends which night you tune in! Every night we are broadcasting 1/3 of the play live at 8:30 PM, with recording of the previous sections preceding that live broadcast.

That means that the experience builds over the first three nights of performances, with the full experience available on both Saturday and Sunday evening.


Julianne Avolio and John Michnya

Mindy Cooper and Parag S. Gohel

Daina Griffith and Daniel Krell

Nancy McNulty and Tim McGeever

Connor McCanlus and John Feightner

Marva Parker and Rico Romalus Parker

Lisa Velten Smith and Andrew William Smith


Love and Information was first presented by The English Stage Company at The Royal Court Theatre in the Jerwood Theatre Downstairs, London, England on 6 September 2012. The US premier was presented at New York Theatre Workshop, New York on 19 February 2014, directed by James McDonald.


A Statement from the Company:

Love and information are two things we desperately need. We were pleased to offer this play exploring connection during a time of isolation and questions about how we receive and process information. But we find ourselves presenting it not only in the midst of a global pandemic but alongside widespread response to longstanding, systemic racism. To be silent is to be complicit. We, the company of Love and Information, stand against injustice. Black Lives Matter.

Please join us in donating to the Bukit Bail Fund. The Bukit Bail Fund is Pittsburgh’s first community bail fund that prioritizes those most affected by unjust pretrial detention. And please continue to learn and share information about how we as people, as a city, and as a nation can do better.

Performance Calendar

Thursday June 18th – Part 1 presented in a live broadcast at 8:30 PM EST

Friday June 19th – Recording of part 1 presented at approximately 8 PM EST, live broadcast of part 2 at 8:30 PM EST

Saturday June 20th – Recordings of part 1 and 2 presented at approximately 7:30 PM EST, live broadcast of part 3 at 8:30 PM EST

Sunday June 21st – Recordings of parts 1 and 2 presented at approximately 7:30 PM EST, encore live broadcast of part 3 at 8:30 PM EST