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Brahman/i Brahman/i
By Aditi Brennan Kapil
January 30–February 22, 2015
Location: TBD

Brahman/i is part one of Aditi Brennan Kapil’s famed and award-winning DISPLACED HINDU GODS Trilogy. One might come to see ‘One-Hijra Stand-up Comedy’ (Hijra is Hindi for intersex, possessing both sexes, or in Kapil’s humorous language, ‘all-in-one’) but much more is delivered in the deeply witty routine: an eccentric mom who has intermixed her concepts of England and India’s colonial past; the knuckleheaded reactions of adolescent boys to someone impossible to categorize; a groovy aunt who seems to understand identity issues and suggests ancient temple bas-relief as instructional.  Brahman/i is fascinating company as s/he riffs about Asia (the continent) as a dysfunctional family, the war on science in Galileo's time, the creation of Stonehenge, the naming of Mount Everest and, best of all, a thumbnail "Mahabharata," complete with romantic subplots and action sequences.

And Brahman/i ultimately ISN’T one-hijra stand-up comedy.  It’s a play, with a second character, and dramatic action between them that reaches a touching and unexpected climax, after considerable hilarity.  Obviously about identity, the work is about much more, courage, certainly, and those deities, who peek out here and will appear more overtly in plays II and III of the trilogy.  Aditi would say: Indian deities dwell among us, trying to find their way.  May it always be thus.

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All the Names All the Names
Adaptation based on José Saramago's book, translated by Margaret Jull Costa
Devised by Barbara Luderowski, Karla Boos, Narelle Sissons, Sarah Pickett, and Joe Seamans; Dramaturg: Megan Rivas
April 10–May 3, 2015
Location: TBD

World premiere adaptation based on José Saramago's Nobel Prize winning book, translated by Margaret Jull Costa

A team of collaborators and a fascinating premise: make José Saramago’s Nobel Prize-winning novel a three-dimensional, theatrical experience.  Karla Boos and the Mattress Factory's Barbara Luderowski lead a group of artists that also includes Joe Seamans, Narelle Sissons, Sarah Pickett, and Megan Rivas.  What results might look like theatre from one perspective, but installation art from another, allowing Luderowski’s love of architecture, sculpture, and assemblage to contribute in a fundamental way, and asking patrons to forget everything they know about the traditional theater experience and become completely immersed in José Saramago's beautiful story, about Senhor José, a lowly clerk in the Central Registry of an unnamed city, obsessed with collecting and on a journey to find a mysterious woman who has slipped through the cracks of Kafka-esque categorization.

World Premiere


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