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Brahman/i Brahman/i
By Aditi Brennan Kapil
Directed by Shishir Kurup
January 30–February 22, 2015
Temple of Comedy
Q's pop-up club

In this charming play set as a stand-up comedy routine, the title character explores history, mythology, gender... and high school. Brahman/i – funny, cynical, inventive and intensely charismatic – takes on more than a dozen unforgettable characters in a fascinating life story that reveals observations of the world from adolescence to adulthood, and takes the audience on a voyage to answer the universal question, “Where do I fit in?” Brahman/i is a compelling and hilarious show examining identity, curiosity, courage, and the assigned roles in which we often find ourselves trapped.

Brahman/i is Part 1 of playwright Aditi Brennan Kapil’s ‘Displaced Hindu Gods’ trilogy.  The three plays riff on the deities of the Hindu Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Born of Indian and Bulgarian parents, raised in Sweden, Kapil conceived the trilogy as a way to explore the Indian part of her heritage, “as a woman, as a person of mixed race, as an immigrant twice over, as a person who lives amidst an amazing diaspora that flies in the face of any attempt at stereotyping.”  Brahma is the great cosmic spirit in the Hindi pantheon who is genderless, liberated and true.  Ms. Kapil is currently Playwright in Residence at the Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis.  Brahman/i has been short-listed for the prestigious British drama award, the James Tait Black Prize.  

Quantum will create Brahman/i in the heart of the Penn Avenue Corridor, turning the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation’s Community Center at 113 N. Pacific Avenue into a cheerfully raucous comedy club, complete with Kingfishers on the cabaret-style tables and Indian food hot from a tandoori oven nearby.


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Watch below: Development of Displaced Hindu Gods Trilogy: Brahman/i, a one-hijra stand-up comedy show; The Chronicles of Kalki; and Shiv

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All the Names All the Names
Adaptation based on José Saramago's book, translated by Margaret Jull Costa
Devised by Barbara Luderowski, Karla Boos, Narelle Sissons, Sarah Pickett, Joe Seamans, Megan Rivas, and Cindy Limauro
April 10–May 3, 2015
Location: The Original Carnegie Free Library of Allegheny

World premiere adaptation based on José Saramago's Nobel Prize winning book, translated by Margaret Jull Costa

A team of collaborators and a fascinating premise: make José Saramago’s Nobel Prize-winning novel a three-dimensional, theatrical experience.  Karla Boos and the Mattress Factory's Barbara Luderowski lead a group of artists that also includes Joe Seamans, Narelle Sissons, Sarah Pickett, Megan Rivas, and Cindy Limauro.  What results might look like theatre from one perspective, but installation art from another, allowing Luderowski’s love of architecture, sculpture, and assemblage to contribute in a fundamental way, and asking patrons to forget everything they know about the traditional theater experience and become completely immersed in José Saramago's beautiful story, about Senhor José, a lowly clerk in the Central Registry of an unnamed city, obsessed with collecting and on a journey to find a mysterious woman who has slipped through the cracks of Kafka-esque categorization.

World Premiere


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