Subscriptions for the 2017/18 Season will be available online soon.  Call the office at 412.362.1713 to order your subscription today.

Please Explore our 2016-2017 Season


Drinks with the Director: $50

Sit down over cocktails with the Director of each production and dive deeper into Quantum’s creative process. Learn what inspires them and what they’ve discovered along the way. For an additional $50, you’ll have a chance to connect in a meaningful way with Quantum’s amazing artists.

Subscriber Benefits

Big Savings!

When you purchase a season subscription, you save up to 30% compared to a price of a single ticket at the door.

Ticket Exchange!

Babysitter bail on you? Quantum makes it easy to reschedule, a benefit only for subscribers. Just call us before your previously-selected show date (difference charged with an upgrade).

Site Tour!

We’ve called this a backstage tour, but there are times when we don’t have a stage, let alone a “backstage.” Instead, let’s call this an intimate trip through the space we’re currently calling home; a guided tour through the site-specific production of your choice, a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration and crazy challenges of the plays.

One free drink at each show!

Everyone got a free drink this past year, but next year, this will be a subscriber-only perk!