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2013-2014 Season



Text Devised By Complicite
Directed by Karla Boos
July 5–July 28, 2013
LOCATION: Kirkwood Building, in East Liberty; All shows at 8pm

Mnemonic / ni’monik / adj. 1. assisting or intended to assist memory 2. of memory In 1991 tourists descending a peak in the Alps discover a shriveled, naked body emerging from the
ice. How old is it?
A man alone in his apartment searches for clues to explain the disappearance of his girlfriend. Place and memory collide while stories older than the millennium connect us to each other and to those who came before. Mnemonic, with its ground-breaking performance and production styles, constantly breaks apart and reforms itself, much like memory itself. The play examines our understanding of time, our capacity to interpret history, and our attempts to retell the past.
STARRING Malcolm Tulip, Carolina Loyola-Garcia, Anand Nagraj, Ken Bolden, Patrick Jordan, Katya Stepanov, and Antonio Marziale. DESIGN BY Joe Seamans, Joe Pino, C. Todd Brown, Tony Ferrieri, and Albulena Borovci.


Parlour Song

Parlour Song

By Jez Butterworth
Directed by Martin Giles
November 1–November 24, 2013
LOCATION: Waterfront, West Homestead

Edgy, funny, and occasionally sinister, Parlour Song explores the mysteries beneath the manicured surface of a suburban housing tract, where all is not well in the lives of two friendly couples. 

"The lost-in-thesuburbs themes in this tragicomic play have been visited before, but resonate in this fresh telling. See it before it disappears." -- Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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Watch Burgh Vivant's interview with Director Martin Giles.



By J.T. Rogers
Directed by
Sheila McKenna
January 31–February 22, 2014
LOCATION: The Carlyle, Downtown

If you choose to vanish, you owe your past nothing.

A mystery, a ghost story, a memory play… At three different periods in time, three Americans find themselves alone in the same hotel room overlooking Rome’s Spanish Steps: June, a young tour guide of the city’s ancient ruins; Lilian, her wealthy and elegant mother; and Nathan, a rumpled university economist who was best friend of Lilian’s deceased husband - another economist, a brilliant and famous one. Madagascar is the haunting story of a mysterious disappearance that changes these three lives forever.

Watch an interview with Director Sheila McKenna (Burgh Vivant)

Regular Run Schedule
Wednesdays-Saturdays, 8pm; Sundays at 7pm

Building Rome: Scene Design in Madagascar
by Brandon Getz, Q Blog Writer

Quantum Takes Downtown
by Brandon Getz, Q Blog Writer

Quantum Theatre moves into downtown Carlyle for 'Madagascar'
by Sharon Eberson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette




World Premiere

New adaptation by
Jay Ball
Directed by
Jed Allen Harris
April 11–April 27, 2014
LOCATION: Lexington Technology Center

Pantagleize is a wild rumination on revolution.  Quantum’s Jay Ball freely adapts Michel de Ghelderode's 1929 avant garde play. Our Pantagleize is a take on beat poet Allen Ginsberg, off to be King of May in Prague, but he’s taken up in alternating turns by a quirky guide, a sexy spy, and a nasty dictator.  As in the original, our hero unwittingly starts a revolution by saying the secret password, producing a darkly humorous attack on militarism.

DESIGN: Elizabeth Atkinson, C. Todd Brown, Tony Ferrieri, Kevin Ramser, Susan Tsu
Supported by the Philip Chosky Design and Production Fund



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