August 5-28, 2016

By Lope de Vega; in a version by Tanya Ronder
Directed by Megan Monaghan Rivas and Tlaloc Rivas

Peribañez unfolds the story of a newly married couple, Peribañez and Casilda – young farmers in a strongly connected rural community. The Commander’s obsessive love for Casilda pushes the young couple to make increasingly painful sacrifices as they strive to preserve their marriage on the brink of war. A cast of 10 performs in the urban oasis of the Jennie King Mellon Rose Garden in the heart of Mellon Park. This sublime summer offering features live folk music, and the spectacle of the Spanish Golden Age… where honor means more than life itself.

Interestingly, playwright Lope de Vega was writing in Spain at the same time Shakespeare was writing in London. He wrote hundreds of plays and invented an entire genre of playwriting, the comedia, which mixes comic and heroic elements. In this play, Lope de Vega argues passionately for the inalienable rights of the individual, exploring class and gender roles – a strikingly modern position for a writer to take in 1613.


Rose Garden in the heart of Mellon Park.


Please call 412-362-1713 for questions about accessibility. Please Note: This play includes mature content.

I fell in love with Peribañez and its cast. What a lovely production! The experience of this play set in the gardens of Mellon Park was amazing. Birds and crickets were on cue!

Yrai Santander

Amazing! The play balanced well the political, social, and comedic elements. The actors were relatable.

Kristin Wagner

Siddiq Saunderson’s Peribañez was stirring, and I was so sympathetic that he almost took me with him into the violence that brought him and Castilda to their fates.

Myra Woods

Peribáñez is the spectacular way to cap off your summer.

Mike Buzzelli, 'Burgh Vivant

The ‘3-ring’ in-the-round really worked. Also loved the cushions, fans, gazpacho and other goodies.

Dan Droz

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Dinner Partner

(412) 621-2919 | 810 Ivy Street | Reservations encouraged!

PallantiaShadyside restaurant serving authentic Spanish Cuisine.

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Picnic in the Park

picnic in the park- dawnQuantum has teamed up with feast on brilliant to provide gourmet picnic options before the play. Pre-order your $15 boxed dinner with your tickets, and we’ll have it ready for you to pick up at 6:30 pm in the park.  Please place your order no later than the day before you plan to attend.

1. Grilled Lemon Chicken (Gluten Free)* – grilled lemon chicken breast, broccoli slaw with dried cranberries, toasted almonds and shallots, chocolate chunk brownie, and a Saratoga Springs sparkling water
2. Quinoa Cake (Vegetarian)* – quinoa cake with chives and parmesan, orzo with grilled vegetables and feta, chocolate chunk brownie, and a Saratoga Springs sparkling water
3. Roast Beef and Blue Specialty Sandwich* – Angus roast beef, arugula, blue cheese mayo with a bag of kettle cooked chips, chocolate chunk brownie, and a Saratoga Springs sparkling water
*no substitutions allowed
Boxed Dinners are available for pick up rain or shine.  No refunds.

Location & Directions

Jennie King Mellon Rose Garden, in Mellon Park

Perhaps you remember this location from Quantum shows past: The Crucible, Dark of the Moon, and Cymbeline.

Parking will be available at Ellis School for most performances (August 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 18, 19, 21, 26, 27, 28). Otherwise, we recommend street parking, along Beechwood Blvd.  And as always, follow the Q! Click here to see a map for handicapped-accessible parking.

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Cast Members

David Bielewicz

Benito, Constable, Valerio

Sol Crespo

Iñes, Florez

Don DiGiulio

Lujan, Guard 2

Mike Mihm


Freddy Miyares

Gil, Leonardo, Lisardo

Isabel Pask


Amanda Pulcini

Costanza, Helipe, Queen

Ethan Saks

Anton, King, Mendo

Siddiq Saunderson


Ricardo Vila-Roger

Priest, Painter, Llorente, Guard 1

Special Performances

Opening Night Most Popular

$ 50

Post-show receptionFriday, August 5

Sunday Q&A

$ 38

With the cast & directorSunday, August 7

Ladies Night

$ 44

Pre-show ladies happy hourWednesday, August 10

Quantum Quaff

$ 51

Pre-show wine tastingThursday, August 11

Quantum on the Couch

$ 46

Post-show analysisSaturday, August 27

Performance Calendar

Group Rates and Discounts

Teaching a class on Spanish literature? Perhaps your book club is interested in reading/seeing this classic play? Are you a student or faculty? Also, members of Phipps Conservatory, TIX for Teachers, the Mattress Factory, and WYEP are eligible for discounted tickets.

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